The OneService Innovation Challenge (OSIC) 2018 invites citizen innovators and start-ups to build new services for the OneService App, to transform it into a one-stop community platform to meet different municipal needs of our residents. Collaborate with the Municipal Services Office (MSO), public agencies and leading technology companies to provide diverse services in the OneService App to promote neighbourliness and enhance the living environment


Cash Prizes

OSIC EDM_1.png

First Prize


OSIC EDM_2.png

Second Prize


OSIC EDM_3.png

Third Prize


OSIC EDM_4.png

Merit Prize

$500 x 2


Have an idea for a feature you'd like to see on the OneService digital products to improve neighbourhoods and promote neighbourliness? Express your idea in any digital format and submit it to MSO!


Cash Prizes

OSIC EDM_Good.png

Best Idea


OSIC EDM_Great.png

Next 10 Great Ideas

$100 each


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About OneService Digital Products

The OneService App serves as a one-stop platform for residents to conveniently provide feedback on municipal issues without having to know the right party in charge. New OneService App features would allow users to perform transactions, obtain useful information about the neighbourhood, and enable residents to interact and engage with one another. 

The OneService Portal complements the OneService App by giving residents useful information about their neighbourhoods and municipal matters via the “My Neighbourhood’ feature. Residents can be updated about the latest happenings in their neighbourhoods, and retrieve information such as HDB block washing schedules, locations of Community Clubs, CHAS clinics, E-waste Recycling, and traffic incidents.