The Municipal Services Office (MSO), under the Ministry of National Development (MND), wished to gather ideas to refresh and transform the OneService App into a one-stop platform to take care of different local needs of our residents.

MSO invited citizen innovators and startups to take part in the OneService Innovation Challenge (OSIC) 2018 to propose ideas for new micro-services and a brand new experience for the OneService App.

Through these micro-services, we hope that the OneService App will help bring communities together, promote greater neighbourliness, and improve our neighbourhoods.

At the OneService Innovation Challenge (OSIC) 2018, participants got access to resources, APIs and datasets from MSO and our partners such as public agencies, Town Councils, and technology companies.


OSIC EDM_1.png

First Prize


OSIC EDM_2.png

Second Prize


OSIC EDM_3.png

Third Prize


OSIC EDM_4.png

Merit Prize

$500 x 2

Key Events


CONTENT Workshop

Thursday, 23 Aug

Participants met with the experts and learned how they can contribute to stronger and more connected communities.

Tech Workshop

Tuesday, 28 Aug

Participants discovered the cool tech and APIs that were available to use at the OSIC 2018.

OneMap Workshop

Monday, 27 Aug

Participants learned about OneMap and received consultations on the usage of OneMap APIs.

OneService Innovation Challenge

Friday, 31 Aug to Sunday, 2 Sep

Participating teams consulted expert mentors, prototyped their solutions, and pitched to a panel comprising MSO, public agencies, and industry representatives.


OSIC EDM_Connected Communities.png

Refresh and transform the OS App

How can we use the OneService App as part of a one-stop community platform consisting of OneService digital products to build a well-informed and engaged community, promote neighbourliness and civic-mindedness among residents, and enhance your neighbourhood?

  • What would make your living environment the best place for you, your family and the local community to live, work and play?

  • How can we forge connections amongst residents and leverage their skills and resources, so that they can contribute to their communities and local projects?

  • How can we improve access to services in your neighbourhood?

  • How can we improve the quality and utilisation of facilities in your neighbourhood?

OSIC EDM_Smarter Services.png

Provide smarter services

How can we offer intuitive and predictive services so that we are better prepared to address residents’ needs?

  • How can we better anticipate the local needs of residents and businesses, so they can get the right information at the right time?

  • How can we offer residents and business the right services at the right time?

About OneService Digital Products

one service app.png

The OneService App serves as part of a one-stop community platform consisting of OneService digital products for residents to conveniently provide feedback on municipal issues without having to know the right party in charge. New OneService App features would allow users to perform transactions, obtain useful information about the neighbourhood, and enable residents to interact and engage with one another. 

The OneService Portal complements the OneService App by giving residents useful information about their neighbourhoods and municipal matters via the “My Neighbourhood’ feature. Residents can be updated about the latest happenings in their neighbourhoods, and retrieve information such as HDB block washing schedules, locations of Community Clubs, CHAS clinics, E-waste Recycling, and traffic incidents.